We are very lucky to have our first breeding cats from Lisa Peterson of Trueblu ( now living in Australia under the prefix of Islarey) who was one of the people who first introduced Selkirk Rex into the UK into 2002.

Our latest addition from Insiders is Insider Rudolf a chinchilla and white colourpoint.

  I import cats to ensure a larger gene pool to ones existing in the Uk and also use outcrosses to this end. Occasionally i will do linebreeding if I think it is beneficial.

All our cats have the proper Selkirk Type- ie rounded features  of head, with ful cheeks, medium sized ears not neat and small like the Persian or British and that lovely "boxy"  rectangular matchbox muzzle which distinguishes them from the round face of the British Shorthair-  lovely large round expressive  eyes giving an alert look

The Selkirk Rex is not a curly British nor a Persian having a bad hair day.

Young kittens 9 weeks of age showing the matchbox muzzle and lovely round eyes- their face will develop and the cheeks become more fuller and will have lovely padded whisker pads emphasising the muzzle but at 9 weeks they have good rectangular muzzles which is what a  Selkirk should have.

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