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We are now  into our  13th year of  Selkirk Rex. 

A New year and show results of our home bred cats or cats others  own will appear on here. I will mainly be doing GCCF as prefer the style of judging as the cats are not overhandled .

Shorthaired Cat Society 2017

1st show of the year

GR Ch Acozni Ziggity Boom ( TICA RW QGC)

Imperial out of 6

Best of Breed -  lovely report From John Hansson with kind permission to copy

Selkirk Rex Adult; Considered for & Awarded BOB. MINSHALL’S GR CH ACOZNI ZIGGITY BOOM (TICA QGC) SRS ay 33. 03-09-12. Blue Golden Colourpointed Shorthair, as an opener, whilst I am aware there are no points for eye colour, just to say for Colourpointed his eye colour is quite impressive. He has a pleasing masculine head which initially though looking a little more British than ideal, closer inspection revealed this not to be the case, he has a more oval head shape, with lower full well developed cheek line, his muzzle stands away & is pleasing matchbox shape, with well defined pads, rounded on the brow, with downward slant to his nose, his chin was firm & bite level. His ears were much more medium in size than initially appeared the case, broad base, small tufts to the tips & some curl to the interiors, beautifully set. His eyes are large & well open, round shape, beautiful blue albeit no points for this aspect. Body is beautifully developed, with excellent width across his chest & flanks, it is a little more rectangular than square, with good bone to his legs & paws, tail is thicker at its base & moderately heavy & medium length. Superb coat is has random unstructured loose curl evident throughout, which is a little denser round the John H Hansson Short-Haired Cat Society/ Abyssinian CA/Burmese CC/ LaPerm CC Saturday 21st January 2017. 3 neck, chest & tummy areas, it has a very good soft density to it, it stands from the body, some curly whiskers & eyebrows. Beautifully composed lad who was in super condition.